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The NHL’s Most Discussed Player

Posted on 06/27/11 by kennynorton 2 Comments
Sidney Crosby

Inspired by my last post on the face of the NHL – Sidney Crosby. I decided to do a share of voice comparison of some of the NHL’s biggest players, and measure just how large his online social presence is, and if his is the largest of some of the NHL’s most marquee names. Using […]

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5 Tips for Those New to Social Media

Posted on 05/04/11 by kennynorton 1 Comment

I’ve had the pleasure of working with one of the leading social media analytic companies – Sysomos, and deal with new clients every single day with varying levels of experience with Social Media. Before Sysomos I did a variety of social media consulting gigs and presentations and I’ve been able to learn a lot about […]

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The Rock Returns to the WWE

Posted on 02/15/11 by kennynorton 5 Comments
The Rock Returns

Last night, thanks to Twitter I was able to catch the return of the “Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment” – The Rock. Or who is now known as Dwayne Johnson. It brought back great moments from my childhood as a die hard wrestling fan. Most of my good friends know.. I was hooked on […]

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TEDXRyersonU: Sysomos Analysis

Posted on 01/06/11 by kennynorton No Comments
TEDXRyersonU Team Pic

On the last weekend of November I spent a wonderful Saturday Afternoon at “TEDxRyersonU”, an independently organized TED (Technology Education and Design) event at Ryerson University in Toronto. I attended the event alone as I am still very new to the area, and managed to meet a variety of interesting people with very different backgrounds. […]

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