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LeBron James is an NBA Champion & eyes Twitter Retweet Championship

Posted on 06/23/12 by kennynorton No Comments
LeBron James, Championship

So as you may know, I am a gigantic LeBron James fan, and was very pleased to see him put the haters to rest by winning an NBA title. He is the most polarized player in all of sports, there may be no other athlete or celebrity in the world that is scrutinized to the […]

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The Miami Heat win theScore’s 2011/2012 NBA Social Playoffs – LeBron James Picks up First Championship (Infographic)

Posted on 05/30/12 by kennynorton No Comments

I had the pleasure of working on a super fun infographic project at theScore – entitled the “NBA Social Playoffs”. The general idea behind the infographic is simulating the NBA Playoffs based on social media communities. Each round was decided by different social media requirements: First round: Total Facebook Likes on the team’s Facebook Fan […]

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ESPN Uses a Lin-Sane Headline And How They Addressed a PR Nightmare

Posted on 02/20/12 by kennynorton 2 Comments

      Linsanity By now, it is likely you have heard of “Linsanity”. If you haven’t, Linsanity is the nickname that has been properly given to the young point guard for the New York Knicks – Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin is the first Chinese American basketball player to ever play in the NBA and […]

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How Twitter Has Changed Sports Forever

Posted on 07/05/11 by kennynorton 2 Comments

With over 200 million tweets per day, Twitter has officially solidified¬† itself as a social media juggernaut. For those that were skeptics of social media as a tool that will stick, Twitter’s sheer adoption has pretty much put all of them to rest. I’ve been a frequent user of Twitter for roughly 2 years now, […]

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Word of Mouth is on Digital Steroids: Social Media Revolution – Part 3

Posted on 06/28/11 by kennynorton No Comments

Erik Qualman, author of my favorite social media book “Socialnomics” is back with another rendition of his very well known infographic video “Social Media Revolution”. This is part 3, with some very new and insightful statistics, but also some very familiar ones as well. I’m thinking if you attend any social media conference in the […]

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The NHL’s Most Discussed Player

Posted on 06/27/11 by kennynorton 2 Comments
Sidney Crosby

Inspired by my last post on the face of the NHL – Sidney Crosby. I decided to do a share of voice comparison of some of the NHL’s biggest players, and measure just how large his online social presence is, and if his is the largest of some of the NHL’s most marquee names. Using […]

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Why Mark Cuban Is A Great Leader and Deserved the NBA Championship

Posted on 06/17/11 by kennynorton No Comments
Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban -Entrepreneur, Chairmen, Venture Capitalist and most importantly (for this blog post), NBA owner. If you’re a fan of basketball at all (and most likely even if you’re not) you know him as the incredibly passionate owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Cuban is an entrepreneur at heart, and it started at a very young […]

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5 Tips for Those New to Social Media

Posted on 05/04/11 by kennynorton 1 Comment

I’ve had the pleasure of working with one of the leading social media analytic companies – Sysomos, and deal with new clients every single day with varying levels of experience with Social Media. Before Sysomos I did a variety of social media consulting gigs and presentations and I’ve been able to learn a lot about […]

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Launch Conference in San Francisco for the Week

Posted on 02/22/11 by kennynorton 3 Comments
Launch Logo

As I write this I’m sitting on the floor of the YYZ Toronto Airport as there are conveniently a plethora of free seats, free wi-fi but no wall plugs. And for some reason my laptop decided to keep running, while closed.. and was dead on arrival. Anyways, I’m heading to Launch Conference in San Francisco, […]

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Why Facebook is Significant (Infographic Video)

Posted on 02/22/11 by kennynorton No Comments

I found this really interesting video post on the FBBusiness blog, if you’re in to social media you should definitely be checking these guys out consistently. Always some very interesting content to be had there. The video goes over some very interesting stats, like how much engagement goes on in 20 minutes: over a million […]

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