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5 Bands That Prove Rock n’ Roll is Alive And Well

Posted on 08/30/11 by kennynorton 1 Comment
the trews

I’ve come across a lot of recent conversations on Twitter, and amongst friends that rock n roll is dead. And that the current breed of music has been far out classed by previous generations several times over. Now, from an overall perspective that could be true. But the purpose of this post is to provide […]

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Top 5 Mashups to get you through the Day

Posted on 01/31/11 by kennynorton No Comments
Girl Talk's "All Day"

As some of you may know I am a HUGE fan and supporter of Mashups. “What’s a Mashup” you may ask. According to Wikipedia: the defition of a mashup is: “Digital media content containing any or all of text, graphics, audio, video and animation drawn from pre-existing sources, to create a new derivative work”. Here I am referring to music. […]

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