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NBA 2K14′s Next-Gen Trailer Will Blow Your Mind

Posted on 10/26/13 by kennynorton No Comments
NBA 2K14

(Photo via: @TroyTaylor5) Without a doubt the best looking sports video game of all time. The blur between what is a real life basketball game on the court vs. a digital one is becoming smaller and smaller. The attention to detail is incredible, kudos to 2K and I will be picking this up on launch […]

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LeBron James is an NBA Champion & eyes Twitter Retweet Championship

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LeBron James, Championship

So as you may know, I am a gigantic LeBron James fan, and was very pleased to see him put the haters to rest by winning an NBA title. He is the most polarized player in all of sports, there may be no other athlete or celebrity in the world that is scrutinized to the […]

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The Miami Heat win theScore’s 2011/2012 NBA Social Playoffs – LeBron James Picks up First Championship (Infographic)

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I had the pleasure of working on a super fun infographic project at theScore – entitled the “NBA Social Playoffs”. The general idea behind the infographic is simulating the NBA Playoffs based on social media communities. Each round was decided by different social media requirements: First round: Total Facebook Likes on the team’s Facebook Fan […]

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