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Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work – Jason Fried TED Talk

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Recently I came across one of the most compelling TED talks that I’ve seen in a while. The speaker/ thought leader is Jason Fried author of “Re-Work” and CEO of 37 Signals, who speaks about the employee to employer conflict of work not getting done in the office. He speaks to when employees are questioned […]

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Learnings and Thoughts from Launch

Posted on 02/27/11 by kennynorton No Comments
Credit to Kris Krug for the photography: http://www.StaticPhotography.com/

So the first incarnation of Launch has come and gone. I’m now in the SFO Airport staring in the food court staring at a Subway that has personal pizzas.. now that’s innovative. Also without my phone… which you’ll read about below. :\ I had a great time in San Francisco, met lots of inspiring and […]

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