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The Secret to Fitting in at any Internship or New Workplace

Posted on 07/27/11 by kennynorton 3 Comments

Ok, maybe this title is a little too polar, I can’t guarantee you are going to fit in. But from my times in many internships and working at a variety of new businesses, it’s one of the best tricks I’ve picked up and its almost flawless in terms of fitting in with a new crowd […]

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Why Mark Cuban Is A Great Leader and Deserved the NBA Championship

Posted on 06/17/11 by kennynorton No Comments
Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban -Entrepreneur, Chairmen, Venture Capitalist and most importantly (for this blog post), NBA owner. If you’re a fan of basketball at all (and most likely even if you’re not) you know him as the incredibly passionate owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Cuban is an entrepreneur at heart, and it started at a very young […]

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3 Graduation Speeches to Help You Succeed in the Real World

Posted on 05/17/11 by kennynorton No Comments

This time last year, I was walking across the stage at Acadia University to accept my diploma from President, Ray Ivany. It was a day that I treat with great meaning as that diploma, when considering all opportunity costs is my most expensive possession. Not only that, but I learned more in my 5 years (yes.. […]

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Malcolm Gladwell talks Social Media and is it REALLY a Social Revolution

Posted on 02/14/11 by kennynorton No Comments
gladwell Malcolm Gladwell author of some of my favorite books, the most popular being “The Tipping Point” sat down with the folks at The Biz Media during “The Art of Marketing Conference” in Toronto this passed November, they went in to detail on his thoughts on social media. Gladwell has been well documented to be […]

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TEDXRyersonU: Sysomos Analysis

Posted on 01/06/11 by kennynorton No Comments
TEDXRyersonU Team Pic

On the last weekend of November I spent a wonderful Saturday Afternoon at “TEDxRyersonU”, an independently organized TED (Technology Education and Design) event at Ryerson University in Toronto. I attended the event alone as I am still very new to the area, and managed to meet a variety of interesting people with very different backgrounds. […]

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