LeBron James is an NBA Champion & eyes Twitter Retweet Championship

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So as you may know, I am a gigantic LeBron James fan, and was very pleased to see him put the haters to rest by winning an NBA title.

He is the most polarized player in all of sports, there may be no other athlete or celebrity in the world that is scrutinized to the level of detail that LeBron James is. Last season he made it all the way to the finals with his new all star teammates – Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and they were defeated by the Dirk Nowitzki lead Mavs. This just put gas on the fire for all of the LeBron haters, claiming he was a “choker” and wasn’t clutch in the fourth quarter. There isn’t a single “ringless”, or “fourth quarter” joke that you could come up with that I haven’t heard. I’ve heard them all.

I’m sure the haters will still persist with the Kobe and Jordan comparisons, and I’m fine with that. Fact of the matter is, for once LeBron shut up all the haters, and started the NBA season as the leagues best player and finished it as the league’s best player. He showed a new found maturity, a new level of focus, coupled with a strong post game and an absolute will to win.

Most Retweeted Sports Tweet of All Time

It is no secret, LeBron James has one of the best social media presences in all of sports, and the best in the NBA, but LeBron had not tweeted once throughout the NBA Playoffs, insinuating he was all business this year and completely focused on the championship. Not even 24 hours after he had won his first NBA Championship with the Miami Heat he broke his Twitter silence with this tweet:

As of this post at (6:13 PM EST on June 23) the post has been “NEW retweeted”  83,541 times and Favorited 25,471 times.
Using Sysomos a social media monitoring tool – including “OLD retweets” (People adding comments or context to the original tweet) the championship tweet has been retweeted a total of 91,500+ times.

This contributed 46.7 Million Impressions (sum of total followers of Retweeters).

By comparison Obama’s monumental tweet about Same Sex Marriage – accomplished around 62,000 retweets.

But upon research it is actually boxer: Floyd Mayweather who owns the most retweeted sports tweet calling out Manny Pacquiao with this tweet:

Which has an incredible total of 111,841 OLD and NEW retweets. This tweet also got a nice assist from Mr. Social Media himself – Justin Bieber – who walked Mayweather to ring and stood in his corner for his most previous fight vs. Miguel Cotto. Everyone that likes boxing or combat sports wants to see Mayweather vs. Pacquiao hence the number of retweets.

Contributing to 66.5 Million Impressions.







James still has a bit to go to knock out Mayweather with the top tweet, and I predict he will in the next week or so, and his tweet will be the most retweeted EVER.

At the end of the day, this shows that fans of sports can interact with their favorites athletes in all new ways. And although, it may not have been the same as attending the official Miami Heat after party, it was a way for fans to interact and congratulate him on his championship win.

Makes you wonder how many retweets Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali would have gotten in their prime!

Note: the actual most retweeted tweet was a tweet by Wendy’s which gave .50 cents to charity for each retweet.. I disqualified them because it wasn’t an authentic retweet.

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