Win tickets to The Faceoff: Milos Raonic vs. Pete Sampras at the Air Canada Centre

Posted on October 31, 2011 by kennynorton 11 Comments

Hey everyone, I have been slacking lately with my posts as of late, but I have some exciting news!

I’ll be honest, I’m  not a hardcore tennis fan, but I think you would have to be hiding under a rock in Toronto and have NOT heard of Milos Raonic ( @milosraonic )

Milos is the highest rated Canadian Men’s Singles Tennis player since they began tracking rankings in 1973, needless to say  he’s a very big deal when it comes to Canadian sports. And he’s TWENTY years old. Which is just freakish. He’s one of the best young athletes in the entire world right now and is garnering an international reputation.

Growing up, I followed Tennis pretty closely, always catching the big tournaments when they were on TV. The guy who dominated a large majority of  those tournaments, was Pete Sampras. The guy was a monster, finishing with a 762-222 record (77.1 % win percentage) and won 64 titles over his career (eat your heart out Ric Flair!). He’s largely considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time, but I think with those win percentages, he’s worthy of one of the greatest athletes of all time.

When I found out that Raonic and Sampras were going to square off in Toronto (Raonic’s hometown) at the Air Canada Center I was most likely going to attend, and now you can too. The people at SAP have given me a pair of tickets to give away to this must see event for any sports fan.

You can enter to win by simply commenting on this post stating why you would like to go. The drawing for the tickets will take place November 8th!

The actual event is Thursday, November 17 at  7PM EST in the Air Canada Center.

If you don’t win on this post you can always win tickets here on the SAP contest page. They also have some pretty cool training videos with Milos.

It should be an awesome event, and one to remember. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your comments!

EDIT: Hey guys, just a heads up. The tickets have been given away at random to Adam Zakrzewski ( @atomicz )

Thank you all for entering! All of your comments were great! Stay tuned for future contests!

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  • Al Ebrahim

    Tennis fan, would love to see this event in person! Would love these free tickets!

  • Atomic-z

    Never had the chance to see Sampras live. Here’s to hoping!

  • sheetil

    love sampras, love raonic, love tennis, love toronto :)

  • David Follert

    im a fan + my cousin would die if I won tix for him…yes kenny!

  • krishna

    Why would I like to go? Pistol Pete, 14 grand slams and that slam dunk smash vs. the pride of Canada, Milos Raonic. And that too, at the ACC!!!! This is a tennis fan’s dream come true. 

  • Simon

    I’d like to go because I am a huge Pistol Pete fan!!!  … oh and my sister had a huge crush on him

  • Yannick

    I would love to see Sampras hit that running forehand down the line again. 

  • Mr Baller

    I used to watch a lot of tennis when I was a kid. Sampras was definitely my favorite from back in the days. For some reasons I stopped following tennis for like 4 years, then I started following them again. I haven’t really watched a lot of Milos’ matches because I don’t really follow Davis Cup, but his talent is very promising to be one of the top tennis players in the future. I would love to watch Sampras play live to reminisce the good old days and would love to watch Milos play to see some more preview of the future of tennis. 

  • Sam Lam

    We would like to see the next Sampras, and of course SAMPRAS!

  • Francois

    I am a real tennis fan that love Sampras, and also our Canadian Raonic..I watched the game of yesterday between Raonic vs Benneteau live on the web, and I am ready to roll 9 hours from Quebec to Toronto to live this event !! yes sirrrr !!! 

  • simplyk

    OMG – I hope I’m not too late to enter…but I would LOVE to see this game live.  My boyfriend is the HUGEST tennis fan and has been waiting for Raonic to come back after his injuries this season and see him play live – this would be the best surprise for him if I were to win these tickets and be able to take him to this event!