The Rock Returns to the WWE

Posted on February 15, 2011 by kennynorton 5 Comments

The Rock Returns

Last night, thanks to Twitter I was able to catch the return of the “Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment” – The Rock. Or who is now known as Dwayne Johnson.

It brought back great moments from my childhood as a die hard wrestling fan. Most of my good friends know.. I was hooked on wrestling.

The Rock has been gone for 7 years, pursuing many blockbuster films and even some Disney family flicks as well..

The intensity and ferocity of the promo the Rock gave last night was as if he never left. He made everyone that I’ve seen in wrestling over the last seven years look bad. He claims it wasn’t to promote a movie, or a book or anything of that nature, just to come back “home” to wrestling which made him in to the star he is today. He will be the host of Wrestlemania 28, not that I could tell you any of the wrestlers on the card, it’s still more significant now that the Rock will be “hosting” it, whatever “hosting” entails..

If you were at all a fan of the Rock in the hayday of wrestling or the “Attitude Era” (late 90′s and early 2000′s) you should definitely watch this.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Oh and to optimize on the buzz The Rock joined Twitter: @TheRock . Seems to be doing pretty well for himself so far with 82,000 followers in ONE day. I’m excited to see if he keeps active.


To give you an idea of the substantial growth in social media activity after the Rock had is insanely hyped debut.  I’ve used Sysomos MAP to show the huge burst in activity. I’d say his return was a huge success, and his venture into Twitter created a humongous amount of buzz around the Twittersphere.


The Rock OR @TheRock mentions over the last 6 months via Sysomos MAP

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  • Ross Simmonds

    Finally…..the Rock, has come back!

    Great post man – Inspired me to put something together about the Great One. Would love to see what Sysomos was able to pull together on last nights media surge..

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the response Ross.
      You inspired me to do a quick analysis in MAP, WOW. Check out the results in the popularity chart, it appears Twitter blew up. Surprisingly more tweets today than yesterday (the night of the return).

      • Ross Simmonds

        Freakin nuts.

  • Sam Holako

    Gave me goosebumps, thanks for posting this.

    I was a HUGE wrestling fan until the rock left, and now I don’t care anymore. I will definitely be watching wrestlemania though.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Sam,

      So was I, I can’t stand the current product of wrestling, but the Attitude era was a huge part of my teens. I couldn’t believe how solid his promo was after 7 years away from Wrestling.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog!