Malcolm Gladwell talks Social Media and is it REALLY a Social Revolution

Posted on February 14, 2011 by kennynorton No Comments

Malcolm Gladwell author of some of my favorite books, the most popular being “The Tipping Point” sat down with the folks at The Biz Media during “The Art of Marketing Conference” in Toronto this passed November, they went in to detail on his thoughts on social media.

Gladwell has been well documented to be against Social Media being a huge revolution, and thinks that we “overrate” social media’s impact, however he realizes the impact is there. He mentions he’s not an “ignoramous”, and realizes the power of it. He believes that social media WILL not save the day, and I completely agree. I believe that social media has its purpose, and even has helped a lot of people in bad and poor situations. I’ve seen him speak in multiple keynotes before and he is a very bright man. I’m not going to argue with him, I just ask you watch this video and expand your knowledge.

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