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Photo Credit: David Hoang

On the last weekend of November I spent a wonderful Saturday Afternoon at “TEDxRyersonU”, an independently organized TED (Technology Education and Design) event at Ryerson University in Toronto. I attended the event alone as I am still very new to the area, and managed to meet a variety of interesting people with very different backgrounds.

As some of you may know I work at Sysomos Inc. a leading social media monitoring and engagement company in Toronto and I used our flagship product MAP (Media Analysis Platform) to generate a variety of useful graphs and insights from the event.

In my search I searched for “TEDXRyersonU” OR “TEDXRyerson” to gather all the relevant material across the social media space for the event mentioning the event. And focused on the last six months of data prior to the event (June 27th, to November 27th).

Activity Summary: Generating the activity summary, we can see that the content for the event is primarily Twitter based, this would make sense because of the hosts consistently promoting the audience to tweet throughout the day. So for the purpose of relevancy I will focus primarily on Twitter for my analysis.

Top Twitter Sources: Next up I used out “Top Sources” tool in the Twitter area of MAP and identified the top 10 Twitter users. This is indicated by frequency of tweets. We can see here that @Tantienhime (32.5% or 61 tweets) has the most and @Tommy_Gee (14.36% or 27 tweets) has the second most.

User Details: Using the “User Details” tool we can actually get a snapshot of each of these particular Twitter users including followers, number of people they are following, authority ranking (how connected they are in social media from 0-10) and a variety of other profile information.

Reach & Impressions: We can than quickly evaluate the overall impact of TEDXRyersonU on Twitter. We can actually identify the overall reach and the number of tweets. For a small, independently organized event this is significant social media impact (236,513 impressions and 1,882 total tweets).

Authority Breakdown: In terms of authority, it indicates how connected individuals are on Twitter, Sysomos applies a benchmark based on social media engagement metrics to each social media post (not just Twitter) to determine influence or authority, the scale ranks from 0-10. Here we can see how the authority breaks down by Twitter users who tweeted about TedXRyersonU in a pie chart. Over half were of medium authority (5-8), the rest mostly low authority (0-4), and very little “high authority”(9-10).

Tweet Types: We can then evaluate the tweet type. This identifies the overall percentage of retweets, @replys or regular tweets. As you can see there were a wide variety of each, most notably a large percent of retweets (1/3 of tweets). This indicates a very strong community, and appreciation which is very representative of what I experienced.

Buzz Graph: Next up, we have our Buzz Graph. The Buzz Graph allows you to identify the center of conversations and the various buzz words used in conjunction with one another. The stronger and bolder the line between words, the more frequent they were used in conjunction with one another. As you can see, Ryerson is at the very center of the conversation, which makes sense, since the event was held at Ryerson. Also you’ll see “Sheldon”, “Levy”, “Talk”, “Abbey”, “Fitzpatrick” and “Shantae” all connected to the center of conversation indicating them being discussed frequently. Sheldon Levy, President of Ryerson University lead off the day with an inspiring talk about the change at Ryerson at Yonge and Dundas. Also, Shantae Johns had an enlightening presentation on her social work in New Orleans and how there is still plenty of work to be done post-hurricane Katrina. Abbey Fitzpatrick, a nutrition student at Ryerson had an impeccable presentation on loss of appreciation for the social effects of food.  Other notable buzz words “inspirational”, “amazing”, “dream” and “inspires” all very appropriate words outlining such a remarkable day.

Popular Phrases: We can identify the popular people, places, things or nouns from our popular phrases chart. The bigger and bolder the font within this graph the more frequent the words are used in the conversation. My personal favorite from the chart here is “Amazing Conference”.

Overall I was extremely pleased with my TEDXRyersonU experience. The speakers were fantastic, the hospitality was great, and I came out more inspired and driven than I was before the event. A Big thanks to Parvinder Sachdeva, (or @pavvysingh on Twitter) his gigantic team of volunteers, all the speakers, and all the people who came out for the event and made it what it was.

TEDXRyersonU Team Pic

Photo Credit: Winston Chow

For more information on TEDXRyersonU you can visit:

Web: http://www.tedxryersonu.ca

Facebook: Facebook.com/TEDxRyersonU

Twitter: twitter.com/TEDxRyersonU

Also if you would like any information on Sysomos and our Social Media Monitoring and Engagement options feel free to visit: www.sysomos.com , or email me at: kenny@sysomos.com . I can answer any questions you might have or give you a live product demo so you can see it in action.

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